Our history

A visit in 1983 by representatives and coaches from the Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball to help promote the game helped tremendously in the development of the game. With their assistance, the Malta Baseball & Softball Association was formed. In 1983 the Association joined the Confederation of European Baseball and in 2010, it joined the European Softball Federation (ESF).

The first championships were a series of games played late in 1988 between two teams, the Mohawks and the Blue Max. A third team was quickly established in Mellieha by Ray Bartolo, who fell in love with the game after a visit to Detroit.

Baseball has continued to grow slowly ever since.

Baseball in Malta first started in 1980. An American doctor named Dr Fredericks started to teach softball to students at Stella Maris College in Gzira. As the activity grew in popularity, Dr Fredericks then moved to the Marsa Sports Complex and using borrowed equipment from the Verdala International School he converted to teaching baseball. His players consisted mainly of Canadian and US citizens living in Malta. After a short while, word started to spread and Maltese children, mostly returned from the USA, Canada and Australia started to join in. Patrick Pace, the founder of the Mustangs Baseball Club was one of these children.

Evolution of the game (2017 Onwards)

MABS entered in a new era of sporting diversity with the introduction of Slowpitch Softball. This significant step forward not only expanded the scope of recreational opportunities but also embraced a wider range of players looking to engage with the sport. The decision to introduce slow-pitch softball showcased MABS commitment to inclusivity and innovation, creating a platform that resonated with both seasoned athletes and newcomers. This initiative added a vibrant chapter to MABS’ journey, reinforcing their role as pioneers in shaping the local sports landscape.

Shannon Galea Throws First No-Hitter for Maltese Women's National Team
A milestone for the Malta Baseball & Softball Associaiton unfolded in an encounter between Malta and Turkey during the Women’s European Championship XXIII on July 26, 2022 in Sant Boi, Spain. Shannon Galea etched her name in history by throwing the first-ever no-hitter for the Maltese Women's Fastpitch National Team. Her exceptional performance not only showcased her prowess but also exemplified the relentless spirit of the team.
Honoring Legends: Ray Bartolo and Patrick Pace
The Maltese Baseball & Softball Associaiton (MABS) honored Ray Bartolo and Patrick Pace with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Since the 1980's they have nourished the game from introducing it to the island to leading National Teams to participate in very well respected International Tournaments. MABS has also decided to name two of the annual Baseball awards in their name to signify their invaluable work for years to come. The RAY BARTOLO AWARD will be awarded to the season's Rookie of the Year whilst the PAT PACE AWARD will be handed to the season's Best Hitter.
Bartolo brothers to play in Dutch baseball league
In a significant step for Maltese Baseball, Keith and Michael Bartolo of Mellieha Northenders have embarked on an international journey. Becoming the pioneers of playing abroad for Malta Baseball and Softball Association (MABS), the brothers are set to make their mark with the Jeka Baseball Club in Breda. Charles van der Meijs, the general manager of the Dutch Division One team, recently concluded negotiations, underlining the growing global recognition of Maltese talent.
The Birth of the Malta Baseball & Softball Association
In a pivotal moment for Malta's sports scene, the Malta Baseball and Softball Association was established in 1983, setting the stage for a growing passion for diamond sports on the Mediterranean island.